hund-diabetesIn healthy people, the body produces insulin, which helps process sugar. However, diabetes patients produce little or no insulin. This is due to a certain organ, the pancreas, no longer functioning properly. But all other mammals also have a pancreas and that’s why our pets, dogs, cats or guinea pigs can get diabetes.

How do you recognize diabetes and how is it treated?

You can tell because the animals drink extremely much. Most of the time they are also very weak and tired. You should go to the vet so that they can take blood and check the values. If it is the case that our dog or cat has diabetes, it can be treated with insulin in the same way as humans. The substance that the healthy body can produce itself can also be obtained as medication. You just have to be careful that the animal doesn’t get too much of it, otherwise the sick person could have hypoglycemia and possibly even faint.

Measures if the dog gets diabetes

For example, you should prick the dog’s ear and put a small drop of it on a measuring device. You can then calculate how much insulin needs to be given to the dog. You should also pay attention to how much your pet with diabetes eats. What it eats is just as important. This way you can always roughly know how much sugar there is in your blood.

Difficult to adopt animals with diabetes

Unfortunately, animals with diabetes cannot or only with difficulty be adopted into many German animal shelters because many families do not want to go to the trouble of treating the dog. But other than daily injections, there are few restrictions for animals and owners. If the sugar level is at a normal level, dogs and cats enjoy playing or cuddling just as much as their healthy counterparts – maybe even a little more.

Support with a food supplement

With diabetes, there is often an increased need for B vitamins. To cover your needs, we recommend our VITAMIN B complex for dogs.

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