BellenWhy some dogs Barking increased can have various reasons. Does he want something from his master, is he stressed, is he under or overwhelmed, or is someone just passing by? Many people know the problem: as soon as the dog wants something from you, it stands there and barks at you. But the question arises, why does one dog do it but another doesn’t? Quite simply, one dog has learned that this behavior is beneficial for him. If he gets what he wants, he will do it more often in the future. If the person does not respond to the barking, he will bark less or not at all. So you should consistently ignore it. It’s important not to go into it at all, don’t stroke it, don’t scold it. Pretend you don’t even notice.

Signals for the dog to stop

If the dog barks in the apartment or in the garden as soon as visitors approach, this is actually completely normal behavior; the dog has rooted this in his basic instincts for his territory. That’s why you can’t stop this behavior completely, you can only try to steer it in the right direction. It should be the case that the dog barks briefly and then stops barking. However, if he doesn’t stop, you have to offer him an alternative. The best way to do this is with a marker signal. For example, with “Enough attention!” You can practice this in the environment where it will be used later.

Also at home in the apartment

Some dogs bark as soon as they hear something in the hallway. Then practice in the apartment by shouting the signal loudly and then throwing a handful of treats into a room opposite the hallway. You can also practice this with a toy. You train this until the dog comes running at your signal. It is also important to observe the dog to see if he is really lashing out because something is wrong!

Stress can confuse the dog

Sometimes it happens that our four-legged friend barks because he or she is not being challenged enough or is being overwhelmed. The first is because he doesn’t have a job like looking after the flock like the dogs in earlier times, but just goes for a few walks. Then there are the owners who do too much with him, like going to dog school several times a week. The dog then thinks that it is responsible for everything, guarding the house, keeping visitors away, defending the human. You should quickly think about finding the golden mean, because both mean stress.

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