Nerve weakness in dogsDogs with nerve weakness can show a variety of different symptoms. These include, for example, a reduction in visual acuity, incontinence, coordination problems as well as abnormalities in the dog’s movement patterns. Paralysis, tremors, seizures, weakness and anxiety can also indicate reduced nerve function.

If you notice signs of reduced nerve function or even a nerve disorder (signal transmission) in your dog, quick action is required. Measures to strengthen and regenerate the nerves should be taken, as a delay can make it more difficult for the nerve cells to regenerate. Prevention is always best, of course. You can do a lot for the health of your dog’s nerves yourself. You can find all the important information in the following article.

Vitamin B is important for dogs with nerve impairment

To get straight to the point: For optimal nerve function, a dog’s body regularly needs vitamins of the B group. These vitamins are important both for the maintenance of the nerves and for the formation of new nerve cells, thus ensuring optimal information transmission in the nervous system.

Certain B vitamins, for example, ensure that the dog’s nerves always receive sufficient energy. Other B vitamins stimulate the body to form new nerve cells and thus maintain the nervous system. Due to the sensitivity of the nervous system, a deficit of these important vitamins can quickly lead to nerve weaknesses and the associated symptoms, such as trembling or incontinence.

Incontinence in dogs – often associated with nerve weakness

Nerve weakness in dogs with InkontinenzIn incontinence, nerve weakness plays an important role. If otherwise house-trained dogs lose droplets of urine or even leave larger amounts of urine or faeces in the flat and seem unconcerned or wet themselves or defecate in their sleep, this is not only unpleasant for dogs. A slipped disc, arthrosis or spondylosis (spondylosis deformans) may be behind it and in all cases the nerves play an important role.

What is spondylosis? Spondylosis refers to pathological changes in the spine in which calcifications and bony connections form between the vertebrae. Many dogs can live with it quite well, even without the dog owner noticing. However, secondary symptoms such as pain, incontinence, paralysis or coordination problems can occur, which are caused by the damaged nerve tracts.

In such cases, a vitamin B complex can help regenerate the damaged nerve pathways and help alleviate symptoms of nerve weakness without having to immediately resort to chemical medication.

Vitamin B also supports stress resistance

Dogs that suffer from stress can be negatively affected by an undersupply of B vitamins. However, a sufficient supply of these vitamins can help the animal to face more stressful situations more calmly and not immediately react in an overly aggressive or fearful manner. A reduced resistance to stress can therefore be an indication of a B vitamin deficiency. Especially in dogs that are prone to fear biting, the administration of B vitamins can have positive effects.

B vitamins are particularly important for senior dogs

Nerve weakness in senior dogs

The previously mentioned symptoms for dogs with nerve weakness often occur as side effects of the ageing process. After a certain age, the dog’s nerves can no longer function optimally, which can lead to health deficits such as incontinence, similar to what happens with us humans.

It is therefore advisable to ensure a sufficient supply of the important B vitamins as a prophylactic measure. The concentration of these vitamins is of crucial importance in this context, as only above a certain minimum concentration does it make it possible to slow down nerve degeneration in the ageing process as well as regenerate already damaged nerves. However, it is important to emphasise that too high a dosage is nonsensical, as excess vitamin B is excreted through the urine. It also depends on the appropriate ratio of the individual vitamins to each other. This is especially important for senior dogs.

Our recommendation for dogs with a nervous condition

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The application is very simple. Depending on the weight of your dog, he gets one capsule a day in the size small, medium or large. The capsule can easily be mixed with food or hidden in a treat.

The vitamin B complex is vegan, free from artificial additives and very well tolerated by your dog.

The DOG FIT Vitamin B Complex is recommended by veterinarians such as Dr. vet. med. Sibylle Ott, veterinary practitioners and our partners, including Mrs. Herre from the Martin Rütters DOGs dog school in Heidelberg, as well as many satisfied dog owners.

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