Dog-educationThe voice is a very important training tool for a dog, because most dogs can be motivated very well by the voice of their human. His voice is familiar to him and if you talk to him in a friendly and motivating way, hormones are released in the dog, which can increase well-being. For the dog, the voice reflects the emotions of the master. He can tell from your voice whether you’re stressed or upset. Sometimes the voice doesn’t match the situation, then the dog is confused.

For example, retrieving:

The dog has already learned to come to “here”. But then the dog still runs his rounds. But man has found that he urgently needs to come home. Now he is stressed and shouts “Here” loudly and annoyed. However, this does not correspond to the sound of the word that has already been learned, although it is the same. When training, the word was called friendly and inviting. Now he hears an annoyed signal and doesn’t hear. It’s just not the same for him. This can easily lead to misunderstandings. A dog whistle is also good for this.

What voice range does the dog listen to?

Do dogs really listen to low voices rather than high ones? First of all, it doesn’t matter what pitch of voice you use to speak to the dog. It is important that we humans go to the language level of dogs. You just have to watch them very closely to interpret their signals correctly. In return, a dog needs clear signals, body language and verbal commands must match. For example, if you want to be polite and talk to your dog in full sentences, the dog will not understand. That’s why you don’t have to yell at your dog in a commanding tone, because dogs have fine hearing.

One should use clear signals

In general, one can advise using signals that are clearly different for the dog. An audible signal should always be combined with a body language signal. With regard to pitch, there is a risk that the dog will feel threatened if the pitch is very low. When dogs growl at low altitude, they are in serious trouble. Even with very sensitive dogs and dogs that are poorly socialized to humans, it makes sense to speak in a higher pitched voice. This is often difficult for men in particular, and they should not speak in a very loud voice. It is important that dogs get to know many different people even as puppies. Then they can easily remember that some people speak in a low pitch, but are still friendly.

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