Hund-augenIf the dog suddenly squints one eye, or it suddenly turns cloudy, milky or red, and it doesn’t want to be touched on the head, then there is an emergency that makes the vet necessary. Eye injuries are extremely painful and can lead to consequences such as blindness.

What should you do first?

The first thing to do is to calm the animal down and make absolutely sure not to rub your eyes. This is of course the first reaction, but it can lead to aggravation. A small dog is best held on your lap, a large dog is best controlled by sitting next to it and holding the appropriate front paw. Above all, talk well. It is ideal if you can ask another person for help. She can call the vet and announce the visit, and drive you there. Because the dog must not be let out of sight for a second.

In an emergency, every second counts

Should an emergency arise that an eye has fallen out of the eye socket, which is not uncommon with small, short-nosed dogs, you must absolutely prevent the eye from drying out (this was completely new to the author that something like this can happen!) There needs to be You might need a bit of courage, but you can save the eye like this: Take a damp, clean cloth or gauze pad and push the eye back into the eye socket.

In any case visit the vet

If this is not possible, the only thing that helps is to go to the vet as soon as possible! Every second counts, a simple operation can still save the eye. Foreign bodies in the eye have to be left in place, and you have to go to the doctor’s office or clinic immediately. If your dog has an eye burn, every second counts. Your first aid then consists of rinsing the eye under running water for at least ten minutes. You should get help from a second person who holds the dog and spreads the eyelids.

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