More and more veterinarians are preferring various homeopathic remedies for the treatment of various dog diseases, which is due to the fact that homeopathic medications hardly cause any side effects in dogs and still promise success. Homeopathy is also very suitable for owners to treat minor health problems in dogs themselves, but the vet should always be consulted if the animal has long-term or serious illnesses!

How does homeopathy work on dogs?

The effect of homeopathy is based on the theory that “like can be treated with like”. This means that the self-healing processes in the dog’s body can be activated by administering a preparation that has the aspects of a specific disease or pathogen. These homeopathic remedies are very diluted, this is referred to as potency, and in homeopathy, the greater the dilution, the more potent the preparation is.

Why does homeopathy have no side effects in dogs?

This question can be answered very simply: because homeopathy itself did not work with gross substances. With homeopathic remedies, the vibration of the preparation plays an important role and not a specific ingredient. This may sound esoteric and many dog owners certainly view homeopathy with a critical eye, but the significant healing successes in veterinary medicine through homeopathy should teach us otherwise. Homeopathy can really help a dog and alleviate a wide variety of illnesses.

A word about the initial aggravation caused by homeopathy

When a homeopathic remedy is given, the dog’s condition may initially worsen, but this is a positive sign because the initial worsening indicates that the body is responding to homeopathy and the self-healing processes are being initiated. If the initial aggravation is very severe, it may be advisable to reduce the dose of the homeopathic remedy or switch to a different potency, which is not so diluted and therefore less effective. Because once again: the more diluted a homeopathic remedy is, the stronger the effect!

The dog’s self-treatment with homeopathy

Although homeopathy poses no risks for dogs, highly diluted homeopathic remedies should be handled with caution. Because the initial aggravation can be very severe with these remedies! Ideally, the dog owner asks the pharmacy which potency he can easily use for his dog.

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