dog-winterOne often wonders where the dogs have gone in winter. Apparently, the owners are tired of walking longer distances in the cold and wet. But if the dog is well cared for, that’s no problem at all.

Of course you should consider a few things.

For example, you shouldn’t leave your dog on a leash waiting in front of the shop, that’s dangerous. He can get a bladder infection. This is not immediately noticeable, the dog usually suffers from severe pain, unpleasant burning and a constant urge to urinate for weeks. Symptoms such as bloody urine, dribbling, constant licking of the genitals are often not noticed until late. Then take a urine sample to the vet as soon as possible. Therapy with antibiotics and painkillers is usually carried out. However, this can take weeks. In the worst case, kidney stones can even form. It’s always better to let the dog wait in the car or at home in the cold.

Be careful when bathing the dog in winter

Another activity that should be avoided is bathing dogs in hot water. Bathing in winter promotes colds and pneumonia. Especially for the winter there are dog shoes and Hirschtal cream in the luggage against cracked paws, so our four-legged friends get through the winter well. Paw care after going for a walk in winter should only be done with cold water, since warm water on frozen paw pads hurts just as much as warm water on frozen human fingers.

Then the tiresome subject of dog clothes

Mini breeds and greyhounds as well as old, sick and pain-stricken dogs feel cozy and warm in it. But you should make sure that the coat is made of cotton and not polyester, as this causes unpleasant electrostatic charges on the coat. Even dogs that don’t have an undercoat feel more comfortable. The dog should also wear the coat in the transitional period, as the winter fur, which is insufficiently thick due to the protection of the coat, does not provide enough protection from the cold.

Our recommendation for cold winter days

Not only humans need a good and strengthened immune system to get through the cold winter days. DOG FIT by PreThis® Immun promotes a healthy and optimally functioning immune system in your dog with natural colostrum (first milk powder) and effectively supports the dog’s body with strong defenses to successfully counter countless pathogens. So your dog will also get through the winter well.

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