doberman-yorkshireNot all dogs are the same, there are giants and also dwarfs! Among the dogs, including small ones, there are domestic, yard and guard dogs. Herding dogs, hunting dogs, and breeds that are considered companion or companion dogs.

Size differences between dog breeds

The smallest breed is the Chihuahua, weighing 2-3 kg and standing at 12-23 cm at the shoulder. According to the breed standard, the Great Dane, on the other hand, should have a minimum height of 72 cm, and up to 80 cm for males. Great Danes weigh 70 – 90 kg, which is about 30 times that of Chihuahuas! For example, the pug was bred for many years to please people visually. Its large, round head and the large, round saucer eyes that are set far apart fulfill the child-like pattern that people want, as is reported.

Even small dog breeds have a work purpose

But there are also many dog breeds, including small ones, that were bred for work purposes. The Miniature Schnauzer was not only intended to chase away rats, but originally served as a guard dog. The Sheltie was used to herd flocks. Like their larger relatives, Jack Russel terriers were used for hunting. And even the miniature dachshund was a hunting dog. This original use and the actual characteristics of the individual breeds are still deeply rooted in them today. This requires that both large and small dog breeds should be exercised according to their abilities. Above all, they can lead a dog life that is as species-appropriate as possible.

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