SchäferhundQuite a few dog owners have serious issues with their animals overwhelmed because the dogs simply do not listen to the owner’s commands and this can lead to serious problems and stressful situations for animals and humans. Basically, it has to be said on this topic that no dog disobeys the commands of its owner out of spite and therefore punishing the dog is certainly the wrong approach!

The owner is the pack leader!

The causes of dogs “refusing orders” in most cases lie in the dogs’ training and therefore in their young years. Many dog owners allow their young animals to get away with far too much and do not assert themselves sufficiently against the dog and show him his limits. Every dog owner must be aware that the dog must recognize him as the leader of the pack and not the owner who has to conform to the dog’s habits.

Who is the boss here – dog or human?

It may sound a bit abstract, but in many families it is actually the case that the dog is the real boss in the house and therefore has absolutely no intention of listening to his owner’s commands. Especially if the dog is an alpha male, the owner must make it clear to the animal very early on who is in charge, but not with punishment and violence, but with a healthy self-confidence and even with them every now and then the necessary rigor.

A dog trainer can help

If a dog owner is seriously overwhelmed by his animal, it is recommended to consult a competent dog trainer. An experienced dog coach can use his trained eye to immediately see where the problem lies between the owner and his dog and provide the dog lover with advice. Nowadays, a dog coach can be found in almost every region and, if necessary, the overwhelmed dog owner can also turn to a local dog club with their problem. However, the most important thing should be mentioned again – in most cases, punishing the dog does not achieve much – on the contrary – it often even fuels mistrust between the dog and its owner!

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