dog doctorThe beloved four-legged friend was just agile and happy, suddenly he is sick. What can be done to at least provide him with first aid? For example, insect bites: They are very painful. They are usually only noticed when the dog cries out and frantically licks the area. If the bite occurs in the mouth or even in the throat when an insect is swallowed, a real emergency can develop. Swelling of the tongue and throat can result in difficulty breathing and, in the worst case, danger of suffocation.

First aid for insect bites

First aid can be given as follows: Find the area on the body, it is usually hot and swollen. Cool the area by placing a cooling element, ice cubes wrapped in a cloth, or a cloth dipped in cold water on the area or around the neck. Give three beads of Apis D6 and 1 – 2 ampoules of Frubiase Calcium forte – both agents have an anti-allergic effect and should be used in everyone Medicine cabinet must be available. Go to the vet.

What to do if you break a bone?

Open fractures, in which the bone protrudes from the skin, are emergencies because infection can cause purulent inflammation of the bone. You can provide first aid by covering the open fractures with a clean cloth, clean T-shirt, or a loose bandage. It doesn’t have to be particularly professional, it’s important that the bone is covered. But please don’t clean the wound yourself, take it to the vet instead!

Ear bleeding

Severe bleeding from the ear rarely stops on its own because the wounds keep breaking open when you shake your head. What is particularly important is that significant blood loss can occur with serious consequences for the dog. It is therefore important to know how to put on an ear bandage: Both ears are carefully folded up and placed together over the head. There must be good padding under, between and above the ears. Once the ears have been folded up carefully and not too tightly, a head bandage that includes both ears is applied using bandage cotton. There is an elastic bandage over it, not too tight. Then go to the vet as quickly as possible, who will clean the wound, apply the bandage safely and securely and, if necessary, treat it with medication. These are just a few possible events that can occur.

Important to know

With any external injury, you should ask yourself what the cause could be. If you come to the conclusion that the injury was probably not caused by a fight, but rather by a car or that the dog fell down the stairs, then you have to expect internal bleeding. These are insidious and always life-threatening. It can usually be recognized by the consequences of the bleeding: pale to white mucous membranes in the mouth, rapid pulse and heart rate, balance problems, weakness, thickening of the abdominal cavity, shortness of breath, possibly even loss of consciousness. In this case, you must immediately go to a clinic or a well-equipped veterinarian who can x-ray the dog, stabilize it and, if necessary, operate on it.

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