Dogs on New Year's EveNew Year’s Eve is usually associated with stress and also fear for our dogs. Because the four-legged friends don’t share the fun that people have with banging and firecrackers, especially on New Year’s Eve. On the contrary, they often panic. So you should start preparing properly for New Year’s Eve early so that our pets can also be relaxed.

The dog’s sensitive hearing

As we know, dogs (and other pets) have much more sensitive hearing than humans. That’s why noise is particularly stressful for them. It is helpful that the animals can retreat to a quiet place. In addition, they should be kept away from bright lighting effects if possible. Under no circumstances should you make the mistake of leaving the animals alone at home, as this can cause lasting behavioral problems. It is often enough for a familiar person to stay at home and thereby give the dog security.

Preparing the dogs for the last day of the year

You should go out with the dog again in the afternoon so that he doesn’t have to go out again at night. And above all, it is important to ensure that the animals are only taken out on a leash, because every year it happens that firecrackers that go off early trigger panic. The dog runs away and is sometimes not seen again for days. You can also apply calming pheromones, CBD oil or a Vitamin B complex for dogs can be started.

Providing safety and security is important

But this in no way replaces the physical proximity of the dog owner to the animal. The dog should not be pitied either, as this will increase his fear even more. Simply giving him safety and security through rest is the best thing. Since dogs are based on strong personalities, in such situations the owner must let the dog feel that he is there for him. Quiet music, darkened rooms and a cozy corner work well. Only give sedatives if agreed with the vet. A good opportunity to distract him is to play with the dog. Then he forgets what is happening outside. Above all, the daily routine must be maintained, especially on New Year’s Eve.

Desensitization using noises

What can also be done in advance as preparation is to desensitize the dog with special noise CDs or streams. You can’t start early enough with this. These CDs or streams are also used by many dog behavior consultants. They are available in stores and online. This gives the dog the chance to gradually get used to noise, so that the firecracker noises are no longer so bad for him.

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