hund-waschenSome dogs are right to be upset when they are bathed, treated with trendy shampoo and blow dried. You should also think about this for the sake of the fur. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised if your dog is offended and sad. Why? A normal dog would never take a shampoo bath in the wild. And what smells good to us can stink to the dog’s nose.

Of course there are reasons for a bath, fleas for example. Or, as can sometimes happen, the dog “gets lost” in a mud hole or even a pile of dung. It’s probably appropriate there. But you can at least actually save yourself the trouble of blow-drying, because dog fur is self-drying and much gentler than hot hairdryer air. It dries out the hair and makes it shaggy. There is nothing wrong with such baths or even those that are medically necessary. But just like that, you should be stingy with shampoo (even special dog shampoo). Dog hair has a thermoregulating quality in cold and warm weather, which works best without shampoo. Shampoo can also damage the warm, water-repellent undercoat and harm the dog, and no one wants to do that to their dog.

By the way, you should put yourself in the shoes of a dog if it smells like roses and not like a dog! What should the other dogs think of you? You won’t be well received by the dog ladies or the macho man next door. A dog should actually smell like a dog and not like a horse.

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