Hund-JagdtriebThis is a common misconception. Anyone who says this can reply that it is not true. However, the hunting instinct is often more or less pronounced. For example the poodle: the poodle is considered to be very playful, but what hardly anyone knows, poodles are great at water hunting for ducks etc.! They can fall back on great abilities, because they are very teachable, smart and also fast.

Do herding dogs also have a hunting instinct?

Beagles, dachshunds and Munsterlanders etc. are well known as hunting dog breeds, and they are happy to prove it. But what about the collie, which is known as a herding dog? Unknown to many, he cannot resist when the opportunity is right. (And if his master doesn’t forbid it!) If he sees a deer, for example, he will start chasing. The rapid flight of the deer has brought the innate hunting instinct to the surface.

Hunting enthusiasm does not depend on dog size.

The little Yorkshire Terriers are excellent mouse hunters! This is because they were once used as pied pipers in the English county of Yorkshire – hence the name.
For many, the husky is a working and sled dog. But it’s easy to forget that this dog has a strong hunting instinct. In the worst case, this reports when the neighbor’s cat is out and about.

Even the Newfoundland likes to hunt

The Newfoundland is a giant and it looks so cozy at first glance. But what many people don’t know is that, oddly enough, he has webbed feet between his toes. Did you know?
He is impressive in the water as a lifesaver, but also for paddling up to a duck, i.e. to hunt it. Whether small or large – it slumbers somewhere in the heart, this hunting instinct. This has probably been the case since time immemorial. It can suddenly appear again and again.

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