As joint diseases in dogs are statistically increasing, many veterinarians are currently specializing in canine orthopedics. In fact, many dog owners now prefer to consult such a specialist who has extensive knowledge of joint diseases in dogs and also has the medical equipment required for a competent diagnosis and also for orthopedic treatment of a sick dog. Unfortunately, these dog orthopedists usually have their professional expertise paid for and the dog owner has to dig deep into their wallet!

Why go to a canine orthopedist?

A veterinarian who specializes in canine orthopedics will in most cases have X-ray equipment with which he can take X-ray images of the dog’s painful joints in his own practice. The animal therefore does not need to be “referred” to a veterinary clinic and the examinations and diagnosis can be carried out directly in the canine orthopedist’s practice. Of course, this represents a significant stress relief for the dog and the findings are also available very quickly and the veterinary orthopedist can initiate effective therapy promptly.

Which dog breeds most often need to see an orthopedist?

Large dog breeds in particular, such as the German Shepherd, the Newfoundland and the Hovawart, very often suffer from what is known as hip joint dysplasia, a hip misalignment that is associated with considerable pain and, over time, with limitations in agility in the hip area. Furthermore, in these very fast-growing dog breeds, cartilage loss and cartilage growth disorders often occur at a young age, which means that these dogs belong to the clear risk group for osteoarthritis in the joints. These dog breeds are therefore relatively common at dog orthopedists and the animals have to be treated expensively.

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