The veterinarians are sounding the alarm – more and more dogs are suffering from serious obesity and are therefore exposed to a serious health risk! According to veterinarians, the problem that causes dogs to be overweight is always to be found in the dog owner and never in the animals themselves, because the dog owner decides on the type and amount of food. For this reason, every dog owner should always feed their pet carefully!

What health risks result from obesity in dogs?

Dogs who are very overweight, like us humans, can suffer from serious cardiovascular problems and even diabetes and severe joint problems are not uncommon in overweight dogs. In earlier times, dogs were mostly kept outdoors (e.g. on a farm) and therefore constantly had a regular dose of exercise. Since many dogs today unfortunately suffer from a serious lack of exercise and are also significantly overfed, the number of overweight dogs is unfortunately increasing. Time for the dog owner to act effectively, give his dog enough exercise and rethink the animal’s feeding.

Be careful of additional treats – there is a risk of being overweight!

Nowadays, people quickly turn to various treats for dogs that make it seem as if they are all healthy for the animals. This is of course suggested by advertising, but in reality most snacks and treats for dogs are real fattening products. The dog usually does not notice when he is really full and greedily devours every bite. Therefore, the responsibility lies entirely with the dog owner, who decides when and how much a dog gets to eat. The experts’ recommendation: Adjust the amount of food according to the breed, avoid additional snacks and treats, give the dog plenty of exercise and, if in doubt, ask the vet for advice. The dog will thank the owner with a long and healthy life!

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