Hund-pollenSpring doesn’t just bring flowers – it also brings pollen allergies for many. This not only affects many people, but, what not everyone knows, also many dogs.

How can you recognize a pollen allergy?

If the dog comes home after a walk and sneezes, scratches and has red eyes, or has clear nasal discharge, redness or rashes, this is often a pollen allergy. This can often come out of the blue, often the dog has not had any problems for years. If possible, you should avoid contact with those who cause pollen.

An allergy should be clarified

So that you know exactly what the dog is reacting to and can act early, it is important to clarify this with the veterinarian, as some animals can also develop respiratory symptoms. And not being able to breathe is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous. First of all, you can wipe the dog with a damp cloth after the walk to remove the pollen. The paw pads also need to be cleaned. You can even put wool socks on him to keep him from biting himself. After the pollen count, the signs usually disappear again, but until then it is important to bridge the time. This is exactly the case with human pollen allergy sufferers.

It’s not just the dog and owner’s night’s sleep that is disturbed

Everything is different during the day too. The more the poor animal scratches, the worse the itching gets. Bacteria can cause the skin to become inflamed. In very serious cases, the vet recommends cortisone preparations. As with humans, this is not entirely harmless. This has so many side effects on dogs that it should only be used in serious cases. Pumping your dog full of medication at random doesn’t help and there are many natural solutions.

Basically the same suggestions apply

How to apply it to people: When going for a walk, follow the pollen warning service and, if possible, only ventilate in the evening or morning. Yes, and wait for the next rain. It is also helpful to change the dog bed frequently, simply throw a fresh sheet over it every day.

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