hund-arthroseFirst the good news: If our four-legged friend is plagued by arthrosis, there are good therapies and feed additives that can alleviate the joint disease . Since the arthrosis pain affects the quality of life of the dog more or less clearly, one should also make use of it. In addition, the dog should be able to lead a pain-free life in advance and therefore you should ensure that this does not happen when the dog is young. The following article is about the prevention and treatment of joint diseases.

The right amount of movement is important with arthrosis

Basically, it’s good for the joints when they are stressed. This is important because the articular cartilage can only be nourished by an even distribution and sufficient availability of synovial fluid. In this way, the cartilage remains elastic and can fulfill its buffering function. If there is too little synovial fluid, damage to the cartilage and the joint sockets can occur, so-called joint wear and tear and, in advanced stages, painful arthrosis . So if your dog has joint problems, you should not be afraid of going for walks. But only as long as the dog can take it without any signs of pain. The following applies: who rests, rusts. Without movement there is no synovial fluid. Retrieval games and extensive romping with other dogs should of course be avoided in arthrosis patients. As I said, it is all a question of the stage of osteoarthritis. Be careful and observe the dog’s gait, you can quickly draw conclusions from this.

Are certain postures bad for the joints?

A really frequently asked question! So I’ll go into it here with an example. Most dogs like to dig, but it’s difficult to say whether this puts additional strain on the joints. However, one cannot assume that the dog knows this for itself. Because when the hunting instinct gets through, the body’s own hormones even switch off pain sensations, which is of course rather counterproductive in a dog with arthrosis. It is best to limit the time, as the posture is a bit cramped when digging. If the dog is already suffering from severe arthrosis, it is better to stop it altogether. Regular exercise in all gaits is recommended. If time allows, several short walks are better than one long one. The dog puts less strain on the joints, the synovial fluid remains supple and the muscles that additionally support the joint are trained. It is absolutely important (as with us humans) to ensure that the four-legged friend has and maintains his ideal weight. Of course, the joints suffer from the extra kilos, especially when they are already damaged.

What to do against arthrosis?

Regarding the genetic triggers for arthrosis, the dog owner has only one effective way to protect his dog from painful arthrosis – he has to maintain the articular cartilage and its optimal function as well as it go worry. If everything important has already been done from the middle age of the dog, the joints are still quite well protected even if the dog has a severe bad posture, which usually occurs in old age.

If there is a risk of arthrosis due to a poor diet, the dog food should of course be changed in the first place. Please provide high-quality feed from the start and variety is also important. Please refrain from industrially manufactured lining – 90% of all linings are such! Imagine if you had to eat the same meal from a takeaway every day for years. It is obvious that a deficiency and a disease can develop from this.

Our recommendation

large-1.jpg”>DOG FIT JOINTS small, medium und large-small-medium-largeThe proven DOG FIT by PreThis® JOINTS contains only purely natural active ingredients that can also be fed in to prevent arthrosis in young and middle-aged people and thus support the health of the joints. In joints that have already been damaged, the cartilage can regain elasticity and regenerate through the increased production of synovial fluid. Inflammation within the joints can be alleviated and the pain goes back. The certified preparation is available for three dog sizes and is used by many veterinarians, animal alternative practitioners and Ramona Houscht & Franziska Herre recommended by the Martin Rütter DOGS dog schools in Heidelberg/Mosbach and Erfurt/Weimar.

Especially for older dogs we recommend DOG FIT by PreThis® CARE senior, our ALL-IN-ONE preparation with vitamins, minerals and joint protection.

DOG FIT I wish you and your fur nose good health!
Yours, Sandra from DOG FIT by PreThis®

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