Dog-DarknessNow it’s here again, the dark season. This means that the evening walk for dog and owner is done in the dark. Unfortunately, an above-average number of accidents occur as a result. People and dogs are then difficult for others to recognize. You have to be very careful and take action to remedy the situation.

Protection in the dark for dogs and people

Our dogs see well even at dusk and in the dark. They run around like they do during the day, without knowing that people’s vision is then limited. It can happen that the dog is lost in the dark. Or that other people or drivers do not see the dog either. It can happen that the dog suddenly disappears or that it gets hit. As an emergency solution, walking on a short leash can be helpful, or a flashlight can be helpful. It is better to have reflectors on the leash, on the collar or harness as well as on your own clothing; you should definitely keep this in mind. There are of course many other tools.

Neon colors for the dark season

It is actually very important that you see where you are going – and that others notice you in time. Reflective safety vests, which are available for people and dogs, provide very good protection. They are made of bright neon colors and also have reflectors, so you will stand out even from afar. It is also important that the leash is visible so that other people can see that the dog and human are connected. So reflective leashes and collars are absolutely recommended in the dark.

LED lighting for better orientation

There is active lighting that glows by itself in the dark. This is actually a good idea because people and dogs are really easier to see with LED lighting. You have to think about doing this to yourself, because no one likes it when a constantly flashing disco lamp is in their field of vision. A nice side effect here is that the LED is available in different colors. If you are traveling with several dogs, you can assign each dog its own color.

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