dog look

The innocent dog look

For example, the pillow, which is great prey for some dogs. You can shake and tear this until the feathers fly. If master or mistress discovers the chaos, it can happen that your four-legged friend sits in the middle of the mess with an innocent look. Like he wanted to say it wasn’t me, it just happened by itself. What are you doing there? It doesn’t matter if you scold or laugh, this dog look alone shows that he is not honest.

The well-known stitches of the dog

The same can happen with the torn socks or nibbled slippers, etc. Or with the schnitzel, which was just on the plate. If you suspect the dog of having snuck it – he lies with an innocent look on his pillow, where he rushed to in no time at all. How can the master think something like that, he’s far away from the scene of the crime, so you can’t call him a thief! Or when the dog has spotted something edible on the table that smells so good, but can’t get to it. But if you pull on the tablecloth, it could work. Unfortunately, not only the appetizer falls down. Bad luck is only that his human witnessed this evil deed! Then the dog usually shows his special trick: he ducks and sneaks away so that you have to think he’s so sorry.

Two sausages that have disappeared

Don’t believe him because he just wants to avoid trouble. But he’s not sorry because he got the morsel he wanted. From my own experience: There were two large dogs in my household that could easily grab something from the table or the sideboard. That’s what happened to two sausages I accidentally left on said counter. When I came over, they were sitting like two lambs in the same dog basket, looking at me. As if to say it wasn’t us and we’re protecting each other now. What does that show us, it shouldn’t be said that my dog is always honest, only most of the time.

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