hund-hauswachterThere are dogs that like to bark when the doorbell rings. This can have many reasons, it can be a warning, a threat, a happy greeting, an invitation to play or an expression of stress. Some dogs bark out of boredom and to get attention. Barking at the front door is usually used to defend territory. The dog knows that every time the doorbell rings, there is an intruder at the door. You can even tell the dog’s mood by the tone of the bark. Fearful dogs bark at a higher pitch than confident dogs. Deep barking appears threatening to strangers, which is why many dogs take advantage of it when someone is at the door. Ultimately, it’s a matter of education.

Move the berth in the entrance area

The problem can be solved by, if so, removing the dog’s berth from the entrance area. By moving to a location further away, you can create an initial basis for training against excessive territorial defense. The doorbell doesn’t usually ring too often during the day, so it’s a bit of a sensation for the dog every time. So a good suggestion is to carry out regular bell training with an assistant.

Bell training for the housekeeper

Then proceed as follows: When the bell sounds, the dog is sent to its place. As soon as he has done this and is still there, he will be rewarded immediately. Of course, this usually doesn’t work on command. This exercise should be practiced at different times over a few days or even a few weeks until the dog eventually gets tired of barking. Then he also learned that there is a reward for not barking!

Dogs that cannot be stopped

However, if your dog doesn’t hear and there is no improvement in sight, the owner is often at a loss. But in most cases the problems can be solved. You hear more and more often from overwhelmed owners who report an overexcited and hyperactive dog. There is the first problem: most people think that their dog is not sufficiently exercised and that they are already “over-busy” him. But that just makes him hyperactive. The expert reports on such a case. In order to rule out organic causes, a medical check was first carried out, i.e. a complete blood count, which also included a check of the thyroid values.

First step towards improvement

When it was clear that the dog was in perfect health, the expert started training with the owner. The most important thing is to build fixed rest periods into the day and learn to stick to them. The owner had to learn to ignore his dog’s requests. And that he decides when something is done. For example, if the dog asks for petting, it is not responded to. This is of course very difficult for both of them at the beginning, but it is effective.

In an emergency, the dog box has to be used!

In the second step, limits are set. A dog crate that is used to enforce calm is ideal for this purpose. So, if the dog doesn’t calm down, he is put on a leash without saying a word and put in the box. He should stay there until he calms down. Then you should reward him with a walk or play – but consciously in a way that suits his owner! If you manage to stick to these two steps for several weeks, it could work. You are guaranteed to turn the pain in the ass into a calm housemate.

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