Dog behaviorDogs can exhibit behavior that is almost reminiscent of that of humans. Of course you can look at your master with heartwarming eyes so that they get something, that is of course the intention. But dogs can also behave like depressed people, appear depressed and hide. This is no longer funny, but rather worrying.

Some dogs no longer eat or seek comfort in food

The trigger for this behavior can be the loss of a dog companion or a loved one or a caregiver. Some dogs become withdrawn when left alone for long periods of time or when punished unfairly. This is particularly bad. The boundaries between depression and fear converge. These clever animals also react to changes in people when they are sad or stressed or no longer have enough time for their four-legged friend. The change, for example increased tiredness or a lack of playfulness in the dog, can be overlooked.

Unfortunately, these symptoms also occur with illnesses

This can be an infection, fever, poisoning, pain from osteoarthritis, liver, heart, kidney diseases or hormonal disorders. Then you have to consult the vet. If physical causes have been ruled out, you should consider what is robbing the dog of his joy in life. The facts mentioned above can help. Try to distract the animal from grief with nice walks with the whole family, sports, etc. Unfortunately, most dogs misunderstand human comfort, but fortunately a dog’s mourning phase only lasts a few days. If the animal is depressed for more than a week, it should be examined again at the animal zoo. In exceptional cases, there are even mood-enhancing medications in conjunction with behavioral therapy to get the animal out of its psychological hole, just like with humans.

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