dog-humanAll dog owners love their four-legged friends, mostly it is a close relationship. It can be compared to the relationship between parents and children. There are certainly parallels, because our dogs live in dependence on us. They are actually like human children and depend on our help.

The children eventually live their own lives.

But our dogs stay with us forever. In this way we provide the framework for living together. Especially single people, often a dog is their only reference person, tend to see their dog as a lap and cuddly dog, especially if it is small. The author had a case in her immediate family, where little dresses were put on, the best shampoo was used, and she only walked in nice areas. When the owner sadly passed away, little Lily ended up with a giant Labrador and five cats. Over time, this became an intimate relationship. Lily was allowed to romp in the meadow, ate grass for the first time in her life, etc.

On the whole, dogs lead a relaxed life

In general, our dogs lead a relaxed and stress-free life (of course, petting is necessary and desirable), if they are given certain rules and structures. If, for example, a dog moves the mistress by “looking at you dearly”, gives him an extra slice of sausage, or annoys the master until he takes the leash for a walk, he motivates his owners to obey him and not vice versa. It is best when the dog can experience that the life of its people actually revolves around it, but that the most important decisions are made by the owner. In other words, it is important that he masters the most important commands. Especially recall and space so it’s safe to take him outside.

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