hund-leineThe towing line has the great advantage that it is possible for people to influence the dog, even if it is far away. It can also prevent the dog from rewarding itself with wrong behavior. For example, if the dog likes to hunt, it will reward itself with a hormone cocktail. Especially when he goes pens and rushes after a rabbit.

The dog also rewards itself

It doesn’t matter to him whether he catches the hare, the hunt alone makes him feel happy. That’s why he won’t listen again in the next situation and will rather follow the rabbit. It is precisely in such situations that the dog can be influenced by the leash and does not let him take part in the hunt, which means that he cannot reward himself either.

No effect without training

However, there is a disadvantage in handling the leash itself. Most dog owners just go for a walk with the leash and do not even try to train the dog to stay close to the dog owner. When the towline is off again, one is surprised that the dog runs away again. The leash should prevent the dog from running away. You have to train him to turn and come back before the line runs out. Running only with the tow line and the dog hanging on the other end unfortunately does not bring any training effect. Only when the dog stays within the radius of the leash without using it completely, you have properly trained the four-legged friend to stay with the master or mistress.

Be careful that the four-legged friend doesn’t get stuck

Another disadvantage is if the dog manages to walk away despite being on a tow leash. Then there is a great danger that the dog will get stuck somewhere or injure itself. That’s why you should always be very attentive with a tow leash and pay attention to your dog before the dog harms itself. Despite the disadvantages of the leash, it is still a good alternative to teach the dog to stay with the dog owner and still give him a little freedom.

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