A dog owner who notices abnormal movements or recurring trembling in his animal should definitely consult a veterinarian, as the dog may be suffering from the so-called wobbler syndrome. Wobbler syndrome is caused by severe damage to the nerves in the spinal cord, which in turn can be attributed to various causes.

Genetic errors and infections

Experts primarily cite various heredity factors and infections in the spinal cord of dogs as the main trigger for Wobbler syndrome. The term “wobbler” comes from the English language and means something like “wobbler”, which illustrates the symptoms of this dog disease very well. As already mentioned, the damage to the spinal cord area can lead to severe disruptions in the dog’s motor skills and severe trembling in the animal is often due to wobbler syndrome. Paralysis can also occur due to damage to the spinal cord and in some cases dog owners also report severe incontinence in their sick animal.

Can Wobbler Syndrome be treated?

The treatment of wobbler syndrome is quite difficult in many cases and generally depends on the trigger for the nerve damage in the dog’s spine. If the syndrome was triggered by an infection, it must of course first be cured. When there is an infection in the spinal cord area, the surrounding tissue often swells and puts pressure on the nerves. If the infection is eliminated, this pressure on the spinal cord can be relieved and wobbler syndrome will return over time.

Wobbler syndrome often requires surgery

If this nerve disorder results from nerve damage, an operation can be scheduled, but this does not always have the desired result and also poses numerous risks for the dog. In general, dog owners should feed their dog vitamin B to strengthen and regenerate their nerves if they have Wobbler Syndrome. We recommend the DOG FIT by PreThis® VITAMIN B complex.

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