Hund-WaldThe question arose as to whether dogs can be vaccinated against TBE, perhaps with the human vaccine? The cases are rare in dogs. So far, only cases involving large breeds of dogs are known. Of course, it can sometimes be the case that the disease is not diagnosed correctly.

Dogs react less sensitively to the virus than people do

It may also be that there must be some weakening of the immune system before an infection can occur. The use of the human vaccine is not recommended, but since the majority of vaccinations for animals come from the human sector (different packaging, same content), it is vaccinated either way. In principle, we are skeptical about vaccinations, but it always depends on the case. Dogs that are used for hunting, for example, should be vaccinated against rabies. A city dog does not need such a vaccination.

But it is definitely important to prevent infestation. The bacteria, i.e. Borrelia and Babesia, are only transmitted after 12 or 24 hours, but the TBE virus is transmitted immediately. A repellent is very common here in Europe. The liquid is applied directly to the skin. Of course, with long-haired dogs you have to make sure to part the hair if necessary in order to get the skin right. You can also place the pipette at the base of the tail or at the back of the neck, depending on where the ticks are most located. However, everyone has to decide for themselves whether they want to do this to their dog. Our dogs do not get such chemical agents. The side effects and possible long-term consequences are proportional to the benefits.

There are also effective home remedies such as citrus or coconut oil

In addition, they are harmless. What all dog owners should definitely do – rub their animal with a microfiber cloth or comb a flea after every walk. This will catch the ticks that haven’t yet bitten firmly. It can take up to several hours for the little beasts to find the right place. Until then they just crawl around on the dog.

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