hund-educationEveryone wants a dog that is well trained. A wide variety of educational aids are offered to help achieve this goal. It’s difficult to find out which ones are really suitable. The dog whistle, for example, is helpful. It makes sense to use this as a recall signal. It always sounds the same and reveals nothing about the human state of mind.

The dog whistle as an educational aid

Most of the time the dog has learned to come to the person, for example, with a short double whistle. No matter what the person’s mood is, the double whistle will always sound the same and the dog will come reliably. The dog whistle offers another advantage, especially in households where several people take care of the dog. Who also go for a walk with him. So the dog only has to learn this one recall signal. All family members only use the same thing when walking the dog. The biggest disadvantage, however, is that you always have to take the pipe with you. If the dog runs freely and you want to call him but have forgotten the whistle, it becomes problematic. So always remember to take your pipe with you. Another disadvantage can be if a lot of dog whistles are used in the area. This can then confuse the dog. It is recommended to use an individual call tone.
For example, several short times, or short-long-short. This is how the tone should be different from others.

The delicious reward

Then the treat! In order to teach your dog something new, it is advantageous if you can motivate him well. This works best through food. Treats are also easy to take with you when you go for a walk. There are even treat bags in every shape and color. It’s a good idea to pack different types, because it’s always more exciting for the dog when the reward isn’t predictable. So if he doesn’t know exactly what’s available today. You can take pieces of cheese with you for a day, then dry food, etc. However, you should be careful not to give your four-legged friend too many treats, so that he misinterprets some things or is possibly overfed.

But be careful with the treats!

Especially with dogs that tend to be overweight, you should be careful how many treats you give the dog. It is best to deduct the treats that the dog gets in between meals or during
training from the daily amount of food. Excess weight can be very stressful, especially for old dogs, and can have an impact on the entire organism. It is important to break down what you eat during training. Some owners forget that. If you want your dog to learn something new, it’s good to motivate him with food. When you then consolidate what you have learned, you no longer have to reward him every time, you can reduce the reward with treats.

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