Dog-bathingWhen it’s foggy, cold and damp outside, we’re drawn into the warmth. Preferably also once in a wellness hotel. And the dog? Don’t worry, there is now a workaround for this as well. There are more and more wellness hotels where dogs are allowed. It’s worth taking a look on the internet (tip at the end of the article). Some tips are worth considering: If the hotel you have chosen asks the size and breed of the dog and even the name of the dog before you arrive, this is not a nuisance but a sign of professionalism.

Wellness with four-legged friends

On the day of arrival, before checking in, you should walk the dog for a long walk so that he can test the new surroundings and still do his business. Then you can enjoy your first sauna session without a guilty conscience. It is advisable to specifically ask about themed trails and running routes. If dogs are not allowed in the restaurant, many wellness hotels offer separate rooms for dog owners or also set the table in the bar. Dogs are usually allowed there and it is actually much more comfortable. A room with a garden area is ideal for dogs so that they can sometimes stretch their legs. You should also hang the room-bagde in front of the door, with which the maid is warned about the “dog in the room”.

Dogs like massages too

Massage for the dog and a special, gluten-free and freshly cooked menu for the four-legged friend are increasingly being offered by four-star hotels. If the dog likes to lie on the sofa (perhaps illegally), please always have a large dog towel with you. It is also important to have the dog’s vaccination card with you in case of an emergency. A tip, use the necessary walks with the dog as a sporty unit before and after the wellness so both sides benefit and can spend the day relaxed.

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