chihuahaIt It’s really interesting to watch your dog. You can notice the greatest things. You should really take the time for it, it opens up completely new perspectives. Did you know that at all? If the dog wags to the left, it is tense, has a negative feeling, or is afraid. If he waves to the right, he is in a good mood, happy and peaceful.
Even scientists from the Italian University of Trento have found this out.

In fact, dogs can start wagging right or left!

But sometimes he doesn’t seem to know which way is left or right. That happens often. Example: He doesn’t like the neighbour’s cat, which sometimes sneaks around in front of the window. So he should have a negative feeling. He’s also very grumpy, growling and staring at her. He doesn’t even like having them on his territory. However, its tail does not move to the left at all, as the scientists explain, although it is negatively charged. Sometimes he waves to the right, growling sullenly. He’s probably doing what he likes. Or he messes things up. If he could speak, he would have given it away!

The same goes with his treat.

Of course, he always waves happily when it’s given to him. When he waved negatively to the left, master naturally thought he didn’t want it today. But he was very angry when the treat had to be put away again. He was in a very bad mood and didn’t wave at all. What is the conclusion from this? Dogs are actually happy most of the time, they just don’t always wag their tails properly.

Chihuahua – small but mighty

The Chihuahua is considered to be the smallest breed of dog. The little dog comes from the province of the same name in northern Mexico. Legend says that he came to the country with the conquistadors. In Germany he gained a foothold in the early 1950s. Since then, its popularity has continued unabated. The number of entries at the VDH is constantly increasing. If you are interested in a Chihuahua, you will see that the standard dog does not exist. The breed impresses with a large variety of varieties and colors. There are also short and long haired Chihuahuas. However, its fur does not need to be trimmed or clipped. It also does not require any special care, not even the long-haired version. It just sheds a little more, that’s in nature.

He doesn’t need much space and has strong nerves.

This makes it an ideal companion, even in the city. You can even take it with you in a bag. But the biggest mistake is to underestimate him. He is a full-fledged dog who wants to be treated as such. Since he is so cute, people like to turn a blind eye when it comes to training. But you should start with the little puppies. Chihuahuas are spirited and confident. You have a strong character. Some can even be stubborn and absolutely need a strong master or mistress. Visiting a puppy school, a loving but thorough education is necessary. Frequent contact with other dogs is important for socialization. In addition, Chihuahuas are cuddly, cuddly and people-related. Their people bravely defend them, small as they are. All in all, they have a very good-natured nature and are also ideal as companions for older and lonely people.

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