Dog-TierarztIf your good friend is ill, a visit to the vet is necessary. But how do you recognize a vet who is well qualified to entrust your sick pet to? The Federal Association of Practicing Veterinarians gives some good advice:

Check the technical competence

For example, if you regularly take part in further training courses in order to expand them. A loving treatment of animals should also be a matter of course. The doctor should take time for the sick animal, but also for the owner. First, he must have the complaints described in detail. Animals can’t speak themselves! The sick animal must then be carefully and thoroughly examined. A good examination includes listening to the heartbeat, palpating the abdomen and looking into the animal’s mouth. The doctor should accurately explain the examinations to the owner, and after his diagnosis, explain the dosage of the drugs. It is also important to point out possible side effects and to explain the chances of success of the treatment.

The modern veterinary practice

Not only a good vet himself plays a role in the well-being of his patients and their people. The practice rooms should be bright and friendly, have a pleasant atmosphere so that you can have a good sense of seriousness. It is also very important that the waiting time is as short as possible so that it does not become too stressful for both of you. Some veterinary practices also ensure that dogs and cats do not meet. In most cases, the doctor is supported by a trained team of helpers who also help with applying wound dressings or taking blood. Modern technical equipment is also advantageous, since the veterinarian can make the correct diagnosis more quickly. Having your own laboratory is ideal for making a diagnosis. But the most important thing is not equipment and experience, but that the veterinarian knows where his limits are and where you can get further help.

Vets are often expensive

Of course, as a pet owner, you have to consider that depending on the illness, high costs can sometimes arise. Anyone who gets an animal should be aware of this. It is best to set aside something for this every month. The consumer advice center points out that special animal health insurance is rarely worthwhile. Standard services are often not covered. The costs for examinations, treatments and medication usually have to be paid directly on site. This is based on the scale of fees for veterinarians. One to three times the rate is billed. It is best to find out in advance about the customs in the individual practices. On the website of the Federal Chamber of Veterinarians you can see example cases of fee calculations. You have to consider that higher costs arise, for example if the veterinarian has to come home. Even if you have to consult the vet outside of regular office hours, such as at the weekend or at night or during emergency services, it is more expensive than most people expect.

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