Hund-SpielzeugSome dogs are bad eaters who need to be talked into eating every bite. And then there are the dogs, who will eat anything they can get their hands on with a 100% hit rate. The veterinarians are always amazed at what comes to light in often lengthy and painful operations.

The patient does not always survive

Many dog owners assume that once their animals have been to the clinic, they will become more insightful. Smarter the second time if they’ve already swallowed something. Don’t rely on that! If the dog likes to swallow socks, to stay with the classic example, it will do it again and again. Dogs do not associate the painful visit to the vet, which is due again, with the object that has been swallowed again.

They do what these dogs love to do

And so they also devour coins, poisonous chestnuts, rings, bandages, stones, buttons, the list is long. That sounds funny, but it’s actually a disaster, because not everything can always be seen on the X-ray. In addition, some dogs, for example, disassemble their stuffed animal, eat the contents and the polyester treat then invisibly clogs the digestive tract.

Watch what kind of bone the dog is chewing.

This can be toxic chewing bones as well as fresh marrow bones. The same degree of danger also applies to the unfortunately modern pieces of fur or hooves from deer, the veterinarian explains. (Unfortunately the author is not familiar with this!) Everything has only one goal, to close the dog’s intestines when swallowed or at least to clamp the jaw in the oral cavity beforehand.

Less dangers when dog owners are more careful.

Rubber ducks and squeaky animals are firstly carcinogenic in the oral cavity, but crushed absolutely bad. Earth, garbage and much more are also taboo. The barfers say that nothing like that happens to me. Others say that the dog is descended from the wolf, which eats fur and bones. That’s not true at all, the specialist explains. In addition, the dog is as far removed from the wolf in its development as man is from the monkey.

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