Dogs have been our faithful companions for thousands of years and have a long evolutionary history behind them. But while many aspects of their behaviour have changed over time, one thing has remained constant: their reputation for gobbling up food. In this article, we take a closer look at the background to this behaviour, the reasons why dogs tend to gobble their food and why dry food is nonsense as a miracle cure for cleaning teeth.

The back story: Why dogs gobble your food and don’t chew it

Devouring food has its roots in dogs in the wild when they were still wolves. Wolves and dogs have a predatory bite. Wolves and wild dogs pounce on their prey, rip the flesh out of it and devour it. In the wild, animals also often have to defend their food or hide it from competitors. Quick devouring helps to secure the food before other predators can steal it. This instinctive behaviour is deeply embedded in the DNA of our domestic animals and is still evident today, even when they live in a safe home.

Dry food for cleaning teeth: A feed industry myth

The feed industry and even some veterinarians often claim that dry food cleans dogs’ teeth and reduces the need for tartar removal. However, this claim should be critically questioned. Although chewing solid food, such as raw meat bones to get to the marrow, may offer some dental health benefits, dry food is not the answer. It is a post-war invention. Dry food has no scientifically proven tooth-cleaning effect, partly because the contact with the teeth is far too short (most dogs gobble it up anyway), and it also has nothing to do with a species-appropriate diet for dogs. The declaration of most dry food, their manufacturing processes and the addition of additives are a self-explanatory no-go for dry food. Why is it fed anyway? Because many owners neither understand the declaration nor know the manufacturing processes and because they believe the advertising.

Book tip for dog owners

“Dogs would live longer if…” by Dr. Ziegler.
In our opinion, this pocket book belongs in the hands of every dog owner. It explains in layman’s terms what a healthy diet should look like, how industrial food is produced and how many veterinarians, feed and pharmaceutical industries work together – and not necessarily for the good of the dogs.

Book description: Veterinarians are there to safeguard the lives of the beloved four-legged friends and to ensure their well-being medically. Veterinarian Jutta Ziegler reveals that this is shockingly not the case in many veterinary practices. The focus is on making as much profit as possible for the pharmaceutical companies and the feed industry. Pointless vaccinations, unnecessary dietary feeds and countless medications are on the agenda. Health and care take a back seat. A disaster for every pet owner! The experienced veterinarian gives a detailed insight into the machinations of many veterinarians and the feed industry and provides all pet owners with valuable tips on how to ensure the best care for their own animals. A must-read for anyone who cares about their pet!

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Devouring food is an instinctive behaviour that dogs have practised since they were wolves. The question “Why does my dog gobble its food?” is thus settled. However, dog owners should still pay attention to how their dog eats and, if necessary, take steps to minimise gobbling. However, this is entirely due to feeding. Species-appropriate dogs should eat exactly as nature has been telling them to for thousands of years. Like a wolf, our dogs are still more like it than many think.


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