hund-schneeFor many dog owners It goes without saying that your loyal friend will come with you on the ever-approaching winter vacation. There are also many destinations that are suitable for a vacation together. Whether on the North Sea coast or especially in the Alpine region, there are destinations with accommodation where dogs are welcome. By the way, it doesn’t really matter to the dog where he goes, the main thing is that he can experience lots of nice things with his human. But you should plan a winter holiday like this carefully.

Hiking with the dog

If you go out in the snow with your dog, you can explore the snowy winter landscape with your four-legged friend. Most dogs love snow and love to run around in it; they are like little children. In addition, hiking with your dog is totally in, whether alone or in a dog group with dog hikes together – every day can be beautiful. It’s best to find out beforehand whether something like this is offered in your holiday destination. However, you shouldn’t overdo it, if you want to go alpine skiing, it’s not a suitable holiday for your dog. He would have to stay in the hotel room all day. Although there are slopes where dogs are allowed, it is too dangerous to allow them to do so. But hiking or snowshoeing is varied for the dog. He can follow footprints and scent tracks in the snow, and he can also dig in loose snow. In more and more areas, cross-country skiing is completely problem-free for dogs. Many towns have now adapted to cross-country skiers with dogs. If you want to do sports and have the right dog, skijoring is a good option. Here the dog pulls the cross-country skier using a special harness that connects the person and the dog. Or simply to walk alongside while tobogganing and then be able to pull the sled up again. This is fun for everyone, especially for families with children.

Wellness for humans and four-legged friends

And if you are not that active, either a person is older or a dog, or both, there are even wellness hotels for people and dogs together. Both can be pampered here. A quarter of an hour on the underwater treadmill will make you really tired. Afterwards there are even massages for people and dogs, which is a special experience. Massages increase local blood circulation, lower blood pressure and pulse, relax muscles and connective tissue and reduce stress. To ensure that the upcoming winter holiday is a success for both sides, there are a few things to consider. In addition to the first aid kit, for many breeds this also includes warming and functional dog clothing. Especially for short-haired breeds and especially for those without an undercoat, dog clothing is not just a matter of fashion, but also a requirement. It offers protection from wet and cold, and paw protection is also recommended.

Our tip for a healthy and strengthened dog on winter vacation

A stable immune system is particularly important in winter, including in dogs. To strengthen your four-legged friend’s defenses, we recommend giving colostrum, which is known as a source of health. Colostrum, also known as first milk, naturally contains a highly concentrated mix of vitamins, minerals, proteins and important antioxidants. To ensure a longer shelf life, the raw material, which comes exclusively from organic farms, is pulverized and can therefore easily be added to the food. We recommend the certified and purely natural product DOG FIT by PreThis® VITAL immune.

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