Immune protection for dogsAs soon as the temperatures drop in winter and cold, wet weather sets in, dogs are also at greater risk of contracting an infection and becoming infected with a rampant bacterium or virus. Especially if the dog has regular contact with other dogs, such as at the dog sports field, there is of course a certain risk of infection for the animal. Therefore, dog owners should strengthen their four-legged friend’s immune system, especially in winter.

Vitamins and minerals are essential for the immune system

A dog’s immune system constantly has to cope with a real flood of pathogens and fight the germs effectively. This can quickly lead to a real overtaxing of the immune system and the dog becomes ill with an infectious disease. Dogs in particular, which have weakened immune systems that go unnoticed by their owners, run the risk of becoming infected with a pathogen in the cold season – especially older dogs. Since the immune system is constantly dependent on an external supply of a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, you should ensure that the dog gets all of these important nutrients for a healthy immune system.

Additional strengthening of the immune system

 dog fit prethis vital immuneIn addition, dog owners can also take other measures to effectively strengthen the immune system. For example, the dog should be given enough exercise in the fresh air and more and more experts are recommending the administration of an immune-boosting supplementary food, such as DOG FIT by PreThis® VITAL immune with purely natural Colostrum from selected farmers.< /p>

But VITAL is also suitable for intestinal problems because it is probiotic and good for the intestinal flora. But supporting older dogs is particularly important because their immune systems naturally weaken.

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