DogfurWho If you value dogs and cats as roommates, you should care for them properly. Especially in summer, heat and moisture build up under the fur, especially if pets have long hair and go swimming a lot. The build-up of temperature increases the risk of skin infections with bacteria or yeast fungi. That’s why grooming is so important.

Care serves as prophylaxis for dogs

For short-haired breeds, it is sufficient to brush the coat thoroughly in spring and autumn during the hair change. Long-haired animals require more care. Their fur must not become matted, so it is advisable to comb and brush them regularly. It is problematic in summer. If long, thick fur gets wet several times a day, it often doesn’t dry properly. The moisture makes it easier for skin infections to occur. You can tell by the unpleasant smell, redness or scratching.

It’s not just dogs’ fur that should be cared for

The fur should therefore be trimmed and the animal should be dried thoroughly after each bath. A regular bath is not necessary unless the animal has gotten into a lot of dirt.
But always use suitable animal products, as the four-legged friend’s skin has a different pH value. A special liquid is also necessary to clean the ears. You should take a look at the paws every now and then. If the animals do not sharpen their claws, which is especially the case when walking on soft ground, or if they become misaligned, they would have to be shortened by the vet. Claws that are too long are more susceptible to injuries and infections. Some breeds have a claw on their dewclaws that does not touch the ground and this definitely needs to be trimmed. Cats manage this themselves, at the scratching post or outside.

Even with good care, not every disease or parasite can be prevented

No matter how much care you take, you unfortunately cannot prevent so-called ectoparasites from feeling comfortable in the fur of dogs and cats. These are mainly ticks, lice, mites and fleas. Ticks can transmit various diseases. Vaccination is controversial. If you come across one of these animals while searching the fur, you have to use the tick tweezers straight away. The other troublemakers cause itching. So take a good look, sometimes a visit to the doctor is necessary. It’s best to prevent it. Protective preparations come in different forms, as drops, shampoo or collar. It is also important: fleas are stopovers for tapeworms, which is why infected animals also have to be dewormed.

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