The lice belong to the group of ectoparasites and do not feed on the dog’s blood like fleas or ticks, but on the glandular secretions on the animal’s skin. In general, the lice do not pose a major danger, but if these fur parasites are discovered, which is not a problem to the naked eye, you should act quickly. In addition, lice are often a sure sign of problems with the dog’s general health.

How does the dog get infected with lice?

The lice spread through direct contact between dogs and once the parasites have spread to the dog, they nest in the fur of the new host. Very often contact with neglected animals or even strays leads to an infestation with the lice and therefore the dog owner should avoid this contact as much as possible.

What can be done against the hairlings?

Regular grooming and a balanced diet are very good prophylactic measures against lice and other parasites. If, despite these measures, an infestation of lice still occurs, you can find special tinctures and dog shampoos in the pharmacy to help the parasites can be driven away. The dog’s immediate surroundings, such as the dog’s blanket, must also be disinfected because the furry lice like to nest there too! Fur care with the anti-hairy lice treatment must also be repeated after one to two weeks, as the lice also lay eggs in the dog’s fur, which only hatch after some time. With repeated grooming, the newly hatched furlings can also be removed.

Parasites, grooming and the immune system

In many cases, parasites such as lice indicate that the dog’s immune system is not functioning optimally and therefore every dog owner is well advised to do something to strengthen their animal’s immune system. A balanced diet and possibly a special additional food such as DOG FIT by PreThis® VITAL immun and the special DOG FIT by PreThis® SHINE can already serve you very well. In addition, the dog owner must of course also regularly care for their dog’s coat, because a healthy coat can also very well counteract an infestation with lice and other parasites.

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