HundA dog owner who often notices clear signs of an infectious disease in their dog should of course act immediately and strengthen the dog’s immune system. Frequent infections in dogs are usually due to weakened immune systems. An immune system that does not function optimally can be attributed to very different triggers, such as an imbalanced diet or a chronic illness in the animal. We will go into this in more detail in the following article.

Dogs’ immune systems need certain nutrients

So that the dogs’ natural defenses can optimally counteract the constant flood of various pathogens, the dog’s body needs a wide variety of nutrients in an optimal combination, which the dog must consume regularly through food. Among these nutrients, the most important are the various vitamins, which ensure that the individual components of a dog’s immune system can fulfill their important task to an optimal extent. Unfortunately, since too many foods for dogs nowadays often have an insufficient vitamin concentration and mostly consist of synthetic vitamins, the animal’s body can develop a deficit in these important nutrients. In many cases, the result of such a vitamin deficiency is a reduced immune defense and the resulting increased susceptibility of the animal to infectious diseases.

What can you do?

 dog fit prethis vital immuneIf the dog frequently suffers from infections, it is advisable to take action and, on the one hand, check the food given for optimal nutrient content and to give the animal additional food in which the nutrients important for the immune system are present in an optimal dosage. For example, the so-called Colostrum in our preparation DOG FIT by PreThis® VITAL immune, which effectively strengthens the dogs’ immune system through the high nutrient concentration and also supports the immune system very well.

The colostrum (first milk powder from cows kept in a species-appropriate manner) contains important antibodies and many high-quality nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids, which help the dog’s immune system to get going again. But the administration is also recommended as a prophylactic measure, as the dog’s immune system is always well prepared and can fight infections with greater strength. But VITAL immun is also recommended for intestinal problems and especially for older dogs whose immune systems are weakening.

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