Golden RetrieverThe number of dogs suffering from Lyme disease is increasing drastically from year to year and experts are therefore increasingly recommending immune-strengthening measures for dogs in areas at risk. A strong immune system can prevent the outbreak of Lyme disease in many cases because the healthy immune system effectively fights off the Borrelia bacteria transmitted by the tick. But what can the dog owner do to strengthen their animal’s immune system?

The Borrelia are transmitted by the tick

Especially in southern Germany, an enormous number of ticks are contaminated with the pathogens of Lyme disease and the so-called Borrelia enter the dog’s body via the saliva of the bloodsuckers as soon as the tick has bitten on the dog’s skin and begins drinking the blood of their host. In many cases, the first symptoms of Lyme disease do not appear in the infected animal until months or even years later and Lyme disease usually manifests itself through paralysis and also through pain in the dog’s musculoskeletal system. As it progresses, it can also pose very serious health risks, such as kidney inflammation or inflammation of the nervous system occurs.

How is Lyme disease treated?

Lyme disease in dogs is usually treated by administering antibiotics, but if the disease is already advanced, the medications unfortunately often do not have a desirable effect. In such a case, veterinarians can only concentrate on relieving the symptoms and trying to make the dog’s life as pain-free as possible. The available vaccines against Lyme disease also show only very limited effectiveness and many dogs become ill with this bacterial infectious disease after a tick bite despite previous vaccination.

What can the dog owner do against Lyme disease?

As already mentioned at the beginning, a dog’s immune system offers very good protection against Borrelia, provided the immune system is strong and works at an ideal level. It is therefore strongly advisable for every dog owner in areas at risk of Lyme disease to take measures to strengthen their dog’s immune system. The natural colostrum in DOG FIT by PreThis® VITAL immune, for example, is a very good option for this. Because the powdered first milk from organic farms contains, on the one hand, all the nutrients important for the immune system in a highly concentrated form and, on the other hand, effective antibodies that effectively support the animals’ immune system. With the help of such additional food, Lyme disease in dogs can be prevented and treated quite well. It is not for nothing that colostrum is considered a source of health.

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