Skin diseases in dogs are absolutely not uncommon and skin diseases are usually extremely stressful for the animal. Skin diseases often cause severe itching and the animals’ immune systems are also put to a severe test by such diseases. The attentive dog owner can usually recognize a skin disease in their animal by severe redness of the corresponding skin region and the formation of dandruff, although these clear symptoms are not always noticed immediately, especially in animals with long fur.

What causes skin diseases in dogs?

Skin diseases in dogs can be traced back to a wide variety of triggers, such as a bacterial and viral infection or a skin fungus. In addition, dogs sometimes suffer from allergies, which can also cause rashes on their skin. In some cases, special skin parasites cause extremely itchy and burning skin rashes, which are very stressful for the animal. If a dog constantly scratches itself, a close check of the skin and possibly a trip to the vet is necessary.

What can dog owners do against skin diseases?

Primarily, many skin diseases in dogs can be treated locally using ointments, creams or lotions designed for this purpose. The animal owner should never use preparations that are intended for humans. Because these products often have a concentration of active ingredients that is far too high for dogs! Furthermore, dog owners are always well advised to counteract skin diseases by strengthening and supporting their dog’s immune system, especially if it is a bacterial or viral infection or a fungal skin disease. We recommend the DOG FIT by PreThis® VITAL immun especially for dogs.

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