Hund-Mensch-FreundschaftA pet lives in almost every second household these days, according to the Industrial Association for Pet Supplies. The number of pets is growing faster than the number of households. A life without a dog, for example, who greets you longingly barking when you come home, is hard for many people to imagine. Or with a cat lovingly grazing your legs. (more…)

Alter Hund

Hund-FrühjahrSpring fatigue – some people can sing a song about that! But it doesn’t just affect people, but what many people don’t know, dogs too. The weather is responsible for this, more precisely, the change in temperature from cold to warm. When the warm spring weather replaces the winter temperatures, it affects the organism, not just the human being. (more…)


Giant SchnauzerI have seen some dogs in my family come and go. But the one on which my heart and all of us hung the most was a giant schnauzer. Wild in his puppyhood, he was loved for his big heart, his loyalty to his people, his devotion. The grandchildren could ride it when they were younger. You slept with him in his basket. He protected her like everyone else. He romped through the woods and fields and was also very nice at home. (more…)

Hund Tierarzt

Dog-WorkIf the dog is in bad shape and urgently needs to go to the vet, it often becomes a problem for the employee to take time off. You have to solve that somehow if you don’t want to be absent without an excuse as an employee. This begs the question, are employees allowed to stay at home and take care of their dog? (more…)

08 May 2019

hund-leinenThe leash is also there to create a connection between humans and dogs. But you shouldn’t use them to discipline the dog or tug at it like crazy. On the other hand, of course, she’s not there to hold on to and let her dog pull her around.

Does the dog even like the leash?

Many dog owners also think that the dog might take offense if you try to put it on a leash. For example, when he is playing with other dogs. They think that the dog will take it as a negative if it can no longer frolic around. But dog therapists see this as a good example of how many unconsciously humanize dogs. In fact, we associate the leash with bondage. In a good human-dog relationship, the dog would not mind walking next to its human on a leash. On the contrary, it is explained that he even enjoys it, since it is in his nature to follow us.

Leash yes or no?

This shouldn’t really be an issue as most dogs live in environments where they have to be on a leash at least part of the time anyway. That is why the experts advocate familiarizing every four-legged friend with it from the start. Then she is something completely normal for him. But many dog owners think that a dog only feels good when it can walk next to you off a leash. However, being off a leash does not automatically mean freedom.