Dog-educationThe voice is a very important training tool for a dog, because most dogs can be motivated very well by the voice of their human. His voice is familiar to him and if you talk to him in a friendly and motivating way, hormones are released in the dog, which can increase well-being. For the dog, the voice reflects the emotions of the master. He can tell from your voice whether you’re stressed or upset. Sometimes the voice doesn’t match the situation, then the dog is confused. (more…)

15 Jan 2018

Dog-bathingWhen it’s foggy, cold and damp outside, we’re drawn into the warmth. Preferably also once in a wellness hotel. And the dog? Don’t worry, there is now a workaround for this as well. There are more and more wellness hotels where dogs are allowed. It’s worth taking a look on the internet (tip at the end of the article). Some tips are worth considering: If the hotel you have chosen asks the size and breed of the dog and even the name of the dog before you arrive, this is not a nuisance but a sign of professionalism.

12 Jan 2018

hund-regelnSometimes it is not so easy to keep the balance between the freedom and the limits of our four-legged friend. The following tips may be helpful. First of all, a structured and safe life is important for the dog. A regulated daily routine with regular walks, petting, feeding times, rest and activity times should be adhered to if possible. This brings a certain routine and thus relaxation for the animal. And this relaxation in turn prevents stress and possible aggression. Humans should also show as much calm and composure around the dog as possible. This is very important, but not always possible. Therefore, there must also be retreats for the dog so that it is not too often exposed to human hustle and bustle. This is important, for example, when there are playing children in the household. (more…)

HundRegular deworming should be an important measure for pet owners. This is a matter of course for many, because you love your four-legged friend and want him to stay healthy and well. In recent years, however, the risk of worm infection has increased in many dogs. There are various reasons for this, on the one hand climate change also contributes here, because the worms are offered better chances of survival. Warmer temperatures and higher humidity also bring better breeding conditions. (more…)

Dog-CarDogs sometimes cause stress in the car, they pant, salivate, bark and tremble. You should get your four-legged friend used to it at an early stage, proceed very slowly and give him security in the car. For example, getting him used to a box at home where he has support and feels safe. Once you’ve done that, you get him used to the pits in the car, but you should also proceed slowly and carefully. The training is the same as that to the back seat or the trunk.